Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Riding It Out: Stronger Bacteria and Weaker People

I have a cold. I've had it for three days. Many people I've come into contact with in the past two to three weeks have also had this cold and recovered within four or five days. The symptoms are mostly manageable, though I have only worked half days all week, mostly because I can.

I have lost track of the number people who've asked me if I've gone to the doctor yet.

I have not lost track of how annoying it is to explain that there's really not a lot a doctor can or should do for a cold--that going to a doctor before ten days or so are up is really an exercise in futility and just a way of contributing to the overprescription of antibiotics.

In my humble, and partially educated, opinion, overprescription of antibiotics as well as overuse of antibacterial products has helped to create stronger bacteria and weaker people.

So, I will be over here, bundled in my blankie, snuffling and sneezing, content* with helping to build my immune system and doing my part to deny bacteria one tiny opportunity to do the same.

*Content may be too strong a word...

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