Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always Lookin' On The Bright Side*

The other night, Hubby and I were playing cards with Daughter-Only, D-O's friend FR, Youngest Niece and Next-To-Youngest Niece. I went to put in a CD and Youngest Niece piped up, "Is that the CD with 'Delta Dawn' on it?"

She has a "Delta Dawn" fixation--picked up, I think, from an episode of Friends. It's a fixation I can totally understand, "Delta Dawn" being one of the first songs I ever knew all the words* to and a fairly easy song to sing-along to--if you're prone to that kind of thing, which of course, much to the chagrin of my entire family, I am. I have "Delta Dawn" on a mixed CD I've labeled "Time Machine (Country)," which also features early work by Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Donna Fargo, and even Freddy Fender.

So I put in "Delta Dawn" and Youngest Niece and I were belting it out when three-quarters of the way through the song, Daughter-Only gets this stricken look on her face.

"Mom! Is this that CD with all the annoying country singers on it?!"

I offer a slightly evil smile: "Don't be silly honey, all the annoying country singers would never fit on one CD."

*Okay, most of the words. I've never understood exactly what kind of man stood by her side until today. At various times, I've thought it was a man "with a disease" or "with no-good knees" or "with loaded peas" or even "with goats and cheese." It seems so obvious now ("of low degree"), and I feel like a little bit of an idiot, but I maintain that it's still better than Daughter-Only thinking that Jon Bon Jovi was singing about "Bad Venison."


  1. Youngest Sister11/13/08, 8:46 AM

    Nice of you to leave everyone hanging as to what kind of man it actually was. I love all your possibilities.

  2. Youngest Sister11/13/08, 1:11 PM

    Okay, so I made fun of you before reading what the actual lyrics were. I had NO idea. I always thought it was a man with a loaded piece (like a gun). And the reason he never came back was because he died in a gun battle or something. Really makes me wonder what other lyrics I "know".

  3. ya know there's a web site dedicated to the most commonly misunderstood lyrics, and a tons of YouTube videos. Husband is always finding these sorts of things. I'm not sure of the exact address, but I'm sure you can Google it.

  4. YS--The lyrics thing always trips me out--that book of Dave Barry's about that is still one of my favorites (too lazy to google it or even look it up on my own blog, because I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before).

    Erika--I'm going looking for that site and I'll probably even blog about it because an alien took over my body and made me vow to post every day in November and we're only halfway through and I'm scrapin' the bottom of the barrel.