Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Browns vs. Bills

Last night, Son-Three attended his first NFL football game on a night when the temperature in Buffalo hovered in the low 20s. Among the first things he told me about this momentous occasion:

"Mom, I was talking to some Canadian guys in line for the bathroom and we just couldn't believe the steam coming out of the port-a-potties."

Whatever his future might hold, it's relatively certain that it won't include a career in sportscasting.


  1. Maybe his future is in crime solving, he seems very observant.

  2. Funny thing? He's been extremely undecided (like "I have no idea") until quite recently and then one of the only concrete things he's mentioned has been criminal psychology.

  3. Youngest Sister11/20/08, 8:41 AM

    We were at the Steelers/Chargers game on Sunday night. When I got back to my seat after going to the restroom, I told my hubby that it's never a good thing when you can see your breath in the bathroom.