Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking One For The Team

Daughter-Only has not only given permission, but practically demanded that I run this portion of journal entry from February 1997, when she was two-and-three-quarters (or so) years old.

Monday, February 3, 1997

...Last night [Daughter-Only*] matter-of-factly informed me that she doesn't have a weenie. She said, "My weenie wasn't cut off, it was ruined." She said this while I was on the phone with J, who was gigantically amused. [Daughter-Only] refuses to discuss the vagina/vulva at all. She's pretty sure she has two butts.

*She did insist that if I was going to run it, I had to put "Daughter-Only" in brackets to indicate that I had replaced her actual name with "Daughter-Only" lest anyone think I was idiot enough to refer to her in my journal by my blog name for her.


  1. I'd like to hear more about how it "was ruined." Me thinks this would be very entertaining.

  2. Apparently, this whole announcement, which is family lore for obvious reasons, stemmed from one of her brothers telling her that her weenie had been cut off. She was argumentative from birth (probably from conception, but that's a lot harder to prove) and "ruined" was just her way of arguing back. She had no idea what happened to the non-existent weenie, but she wasn't going to take her brother's word for anything! (Or mine, apparently, hence the two butts theory.)