Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Heard A Rumor...

...that high winds and pouring rain are interfering with our home internet service so just this quickie post from work tonight unless the internet's up and running again before midnight. Otherwise, back tomorrow with the post I hoped to post tonight.


  1. I love high winds and pouring rain - but only if I can be home to enjoy it. Good luck! Look forward to your next post !

  2. Currently in the midst of an unprecedented mild December, in contrast to last year's harsh mistress, I can only say I love the sound of wind and rain too, especially when it is somewhere else. :)

  3. I hope you survived the windy, rainy night. I am not a fan of either, especially the windy part. A few years ago, we lost a huge fur tree in a high wind, big rain sort of night. No power for a week on this street as it took out the electrical box. No school either. :)
    Looking forward to your post whenever it arrives --