Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

...not only is it good for the environment, when it comes to blogging in the middle of the holidays, it's very energy efficient. Here, a semi-holiday-themed post that originally appeared on November 27, 2007.

My How Times Have Changed

Many years ago, when I still had time and energy for a book group, a friend gave me a recipe for an appetizer to take to the pot luck night my book group had every September. It was extremely simple and very tasty--Uncle Ben's rice, chopped spinach and shredded Swiss cheese in fillo dough cups (in the grocery store freezer already formed, thanks very much) warmed in the oven. I was mixing the filling in a big bowl and it was all brown and green and admittedly resembled dog vomit more than anything you'd want for food. Two of the boys (Son-Two and Son-Three, I think) went by and Son-Three peeked over the edge of the bowl and said, "That's not for us to eat is it?!"

When I told him I was taking it for the book group, he said, "You must not like them very much."

Fast forward to last night, Thanksgiving Eve. Son-Three says with evident anticipation, "You are going to make those little spinach cups, aren't you?"


Four years later, and those spinach cups continue to be a hit--at Baby Brother's for our extended family's Christmas gathering, the first four people who I talked to greeted me with "Did you bring spinach cups?" Even better, they were all under twelve. I don't know about you, but I applaud anything that can make children enthusiastic about spinach.


  1. A "green" post about spinach! I think I shall have to add spinach cups to my repertoire. You give me hope that the monkeys may even ask for them some day! Merriest of merries to you and yours and may the spinach cups abound!

  2. I think one key to their ongoing enthusiasm is that initially I referred to the spinach cups as "those little fillo cup things" avoiding the word spinach. When the kids asked me what was in them, I said "Rice and some other stuff. You should try it." By the time they were informed of the presence of spinach, they were already hooked. :)

  3. Sounds yummy! I grew up knowing spinach as a slimy, green gunk. When I finally had it as it should be, I discovered I love it.
    Hope you have a very, merry Christmas!

  4. Tell the same anecdote, only substitute eggplant fritters, for spinach. I am a convert to eggplant, because I can grow the real McCoy, not what may or may not be presented in the local grocery outlet.

  5. Sounds very interesting. I just may try this out! Interestingly, all four of my children love spinach even through my husband won't touch it. I just have to hide it in pumpernickel bread dip, manicotti, spinach, etc. It's fun getting creative with veggies that get a bad rep traditionally.

  6. Is there anything encased in fillo we couldn't sell to finicky eaters? I'm skeptical.

    I'm going to try making these this weekend. They sound SO good!