Thursday, December 08, 2011

Listen Here--A Giveaway!

Updated: The audibook goes to...S. Stauss! Thanks for stopping by.

After the Masked Mom's Media Monday review of Tom Perrotta's The Leftovers, I was contacted by the nice folks at Macmillan Audio, who asked me to spread the word about the audio version of the book by giving away a copy of said audiobook to one of my "loyal readers." You need not be terribly loyal to win--just let me know in the comments that you're interested and in a few days, we'll randomly generate a number with a random number generator and contact the winner who will receive the book directly from Macmillan Audio.

In the meantime, you can (I hope) preview an audio clip by clicking here.* Or, find more information about the audiobook by clicking below.

*I am generally pretty easy to please--especially when it comes to FREE blogging sites, but the fact that I just spent three hours poking around the shadier neighborhoods of the Internet (and sold a tiny piece of my soul, I'm pretty sure--though Hubby assures me I have a large enough soul to spare a little, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) and STILL couldn't find a way to embed an audio clip into a post successfully has made me a LITTLE irritable. I have settled instead for linking to the clip that is linked onTom Perrotta's page. Don't be surprised if, instead of hearing the first few lines of the audiobook, you are whisked away into Medieval Europe or the year 2413, a year in which, I hope, people can easily embed audio even in FREE blogging sites.


  1. Look at you getting some love from the big dogs! Sign me up.

  2. Yay, I hope you get to do more of these at some point as well...are you in the same league as us anymore? This book sounded really interesting, and an audio book is one I might actually have the time to 'read'! Sign me up please:)

  3. Yay! Free stuff :).

    My friend, Randy, finally developed what we call the RSSOTW tool (stands for Really Simple Song of the Week) for us to be able to create embedded audio on our blogs precisely because, as near as we could tell, there wasn't a good way to do it.

  4. The audiobook winner is S. Stauss. Thanks as always for your comments. :)