Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apparently A Sister-In-Law's Work Is Also Never Done

I'm pulling out of the driveway Sunday evening when Daughter-Only shouts to me, "Where are you going?"

"To go help your aunt open a coconut!"

Truly, the fun never ends.


  1. When you were taking your wedding vows, did you ever think this would be one of the callings your in-laws would have for you??

  2. OMG do we have the same siter-in-law/Sister? lol

  3. The thing that got me was not that she didn't know how to open a coconut--probably a lot of people don't know how to or would just be guessing if they did figure it out (though I will say that she might be the only one I personally know who would try to cut it open with a kitchen knife--with more than one kitchen knife--before asking for help)--but that I have somehow become the type of person someone would call to open a cocunut.

    I mean, how do you get on that list?

    (Maybe more to the point, how do you get off it once you're on it?)

  4. sorry, coconut girl. You are now on MY LIST too!

    ; )

  5. LM, as long as I'm not on your wedgie list, I can live with it. :)