Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Got A Million of 'Em

The scene: in the car with Daughter-Only and my two youngest nieces (ages 6 & 9--damn does time fly or what?!). It's been a busy afternoon and I decide to take advantage of the McDonald's Dollar Menu to feed not only the three in the backseat but the five at home (including Hubby and Baby Brother). Wanting to skip any unnecessary whining, I warn them as we pull up to the drive-thru that I'm just getting double cheeseburgers for everyone.

Youngest Niece: But I want a Happy Meal.

Masked Mom: Well, we're not getting Happy Meals today so you're just gonna have to be happy with the meal you get.

So much for my reputation as the "nice aunt."


  1. I personally feel that if you get a meal, you have a "happy" meal. It's at least "happy" for your body's gas tank!!

  2. i clearly remember pulling up with my aunt and her *5* kids while they all screamed their orders, she paid, and then drove off without the order!!!

    clearly your system is much better ;)

  3. I will be happy with whatever you buy me for a meal!