Monday, August 14, 2006

Masked Mom's Media Monday: Skechers

Granted, Skechers are not media, they're shoes, but the Masked Mom had a very long weekend with a very lot of family and friends and a little too much sleeping on the ground with the temperature in the 30s so Skechers will have to do.

I was given a pair of Skechers--it was like a gift from the gods. Little Sister had made the tragic error of buying them for her youngest daughter, who, of course, rejected them on the grounds that they were not "cool" enough or whatever the word for cool is now enough--the problem being mainly that mom picked them out while she was shopping without daughter.

Anyway, they're the best damn pair of sneakers I've ever owned--and I hate shoes--which I think is a well-established fact. So my passion for these shoes should not be taken lightly.

Masked Mom's One-Word Review: Perfection.


  1. I will have to keep that in mind as one and only son has insisted that he needed skechers for school. I felt this was a tad early as he will just be entering kindergarten in two weeks. However, one of his little friends has skechers and he just had to have them. I personally prefer New Balance....

  2. It's crazy how early the name-brand thing starts. I remember when mine were little I was so determined to teach them not to fall for it. Ha. I learned to pick my battles--and, I also learned that if you go to and spend an hour searching through their clearance stuff, you can get three pairs of men's Nikes, Addidas, or whatever for less than $90 including shipping.

    I've heard good things about New Balance. I guess I should've mentioned in my review that since adulthood my sneakers have mostly been from the clearance rack at Kmart so I guess I don't really have enough experience to have a real opinion. ;)

  3. I guess it would be redundant to say I just avoid the whole situation. I counsel barefoot and even work out barefoot, of course I do yoga and pilates . . . maybe I could have been a great basketball player if only I was willing to wear shoes. Alas, those are the chances I'm willing to take

  4. little sister8/17/06, 9:50 AM

    By the way youngest daughter has another pair of sketchers that she barely wore...they are too small...(apparently given to her at the beginning of last year-I did not buy them :-)do you think daughter only or her slighltly taller best friend might be interested in them...they are blue and gray...women's size 71/2 or 8

  5. Thanks for the shopping tip about!!!

  6. your very welcome for your skechers... and you might think i'm silly for not wanting them because they were on cool... but in my defense i did specify an exact pair of sneakers i wanted... and i said if she couldnt get any... she still brought home those shoes... maybe you were just destined to have them but they had to go through me first.