Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vicarious Virtual Vacationing: Perfect Post For July

Summer is a pretty quiet time on most of the blogs I read and it seems like the few posts that do get put up are all about fabulous vacations that I'm insanely jealous over. Instead of stewing in my jealousy, I decided to start enjoying other people's vacations--I mean, why not? It's cheaper, more convenient, and the risks of sunburn, bug bites, and encounters with annoying fellow travelers (not to mention in-laws) are significantly reduced if you never actually leave your house.

Hence, my perfect post award for this month goes to Cary at ellipsis ellipsis ellipsis... for her post Whooohooo....., a post which I only just now realized was actually written in the end of June. Ah, well, it's perfect anyway, even if I'm not.

So, here's my button--

A Perfect Post
And, Cary, it's all yours!

PS--Cary, e-mail me for the code, if ya' want! :)
PPS--Other winners can be found at Petroville & Suburban Turmoil


  1. She likes me....she really likes me. :)

    To make you even more jealous, I think that was one of the best vacations I have taken. The kids were great traveling and and the teens were on their best behavior (no boys knocking on bedroom windows like last year). I actually came home rested and without a ton of laundry (washed it there before coming home). We may do this again next year. Want to come along?