Thursday, August 03, 2006

An Aunt's Work Is Never Done

We're at the local swimming hole (sounds like something out of a Kenny Chesney song, but there's definitely no better description), I'm sitting on the retaining wall, ten feet above the water when I hear my nine-year-old niece, waist deep in the water below, calling my name. I lean over and say, "What?"

She says, "Can you come here a minute? I need your help." Now, clearly, she's not in dire need of help--she's only waist-deep, she's not struggling to breathe, she's in no obvious distress.

I say, "What do you need, honey?"

"I need your help, can you come down here?"

"Um, why?"

"Will you come pick my wedgie?"

I was hoping to wrap this post up with some clever comeback or punchline, but really, I think that line speaks for itself.


  1. No, I actually told her that would probably fall under the category of be careful what you wish for because if I went all the way down there to pick her wedgie, I'm pretty sure she'd wish I hadn't. :)

  2. Gee, the requests you have had from your family members!!! You must be some type of gal!