Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blind Ambition

Daughter-Only was thisclose to winning the middle school spelling bee last year--but a teacher mispronounced/misread a word (totem--she said "tofem" and Daughter-Only was robbed. A number of other teachers who witnessed the robbery informed Daughter-Only how unfair they thought it had been. Why they didn't inform the teachers and other organizing people of the unfairness is beyond me...).

This year, she's determined to snag the win. She's practicing maniacally. And she's extremely upset that I haven't been practicing with her. She has accused me of horrible parenting for not being more interested in practicing with her.

Let's consider the evidence and you can make your own conclusions. She has asked me exactly two times to practice with her. The first time, I was actually elbow-deep in the turkey on Thanksgiving Day and the second time, I was driving the car.

I am a horrible parent, huh?


  1. I've truly never heard of such unjust parenting, in my life...

    but seriously, it seems like someone, at some point should have done something rectify the Bee situation.

  2. Daughter-Only wouldn't let me make a scene last year--she's more of the hold a silent grudge and turn it into a gigantic victory type of girl. But I did have a difficult time restraining myself...