Thursday, November 22, 2007

My How Times Have Changed

Many years ago, when I still had time and energy for a book group, a friend gave me a recipe for an appetizer to take to the pot luck night my book group had every September. It was extremely simple and very tasty--Uncle Ben's rice, chopped spinach and shredded Swiss cheese in fillo dough cups (in the grocery store freezer already formed, thanks very much). I was mixing the filling in a big bowl and it was all brown and green and admittedly resembled dog vomit more than anything you'd want for food. Two of the boys (Son-Two and Son-Three, I think) went by and Son-Three peeked over the edge of the bowl and said, "That's not for us to eat is it?!"

When I told him I was taking it for the book group, he said, "You must not like them very much."

Fast forward to last night, Thanksgiving Eve. Son-Three says with evident anticipation, "You are going to make those little spinach cups, aren't you?"

(Happy Thanksgiving!)


  1. Hi, found your blog on NaBloPoMo and this recipe sounds kind of good (for those of us who enjoy food resembling dog puke, that is :-) you just use plain white rice or something like Long Grain & Wild?
    Hope your house warms up soon!


  2. We use the original recipe Long Grain & Wild, but I was just thinking while making them the other day that you could substitute all kinds of things--different rice flavor, different vegie, different cheese. They're really easy--just cook the rice stir the rice, cheese and veggie together, pop it in the cups, pop the cups in the oven (350 or so) until the cheese is melted (about 8mins)--it holds the filling together. Serve warm or room temperature.

    I'll stop by your blog soon--as soon as I get Internet access in the house that has the heat instead of the one that doesn't. :)