Monday, November 26, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire (Or, The Story Of How Masked Mom Was Flagged As A Lunatic By The Cable Company)

More tales of woe from the Internetless wonder. We still don't have cable or Internet at the new house and turns out we might be in a gap between two regional offices of Time Warner and unable to get service from EITHER of them. Why no one knew this until today is beyond me--and the only reason they even realized it today is because I called both offices repeatedly until I got some semblance of a straight answer and that answer wasn't even straight enough so I called everyone I know along that stretch of road that I now live on and found who has cable and where their cable is out of and now I'm waiting to hear back from one or both offices at which time I'm probably going to tell either or both of them to stuff it because I'm going to get the package through the phone company and to hell with them. Maybe.

At least I was smart enough to post from the toasty warm library instead of the soon-to-be completely abandoned old house...


  1. how frustrating.
    In today's technology surely they will figure something out????

  2. I flagged you as a lunatic long ago. I can't believe the cable company was so slow to catch on.

  3. I know Karla--it says a whole lot about how those heiney-holes do business, doesn't it?

    Misty--I'm a quarter mile past the last person who has cable from the one "division" of Time Warner and about two miles from the last person who has it from the other "division" of the same company. The two divisions have no means of checking account information of each other's customers. It's so insane. I really DID call the phone company and should be online by Friday and have TV by Saturday (through DirectTV). At this point, though I don't believe ANY of them. :)

  4. And a PS to Karla: I must say that being considered a lunatic by someone who has so mastered lunacy is a high compliment indeed.