Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Empty" Nest Economics

Our nest is not quite empty, but with Son-Three having set up housekeeping across town, it certainly is emptier. The funny thing is that I think I've actually been seeing a lot more of him since he moved out than I had been before he left. We had scheduling issues when he was still at home since he worked the overnights and I worked second shift, he was rarely out of bed before I left for work and gone when I got home.

Now, he has been over mid-afternoon several times to do laundry and, of course, raid the fridge. He was over here yesterday, poking around the kitchen and called out to me, "Hey, Mom, how come there's so much more food in the house now that I'm gone?"

Hmmmm, I wonder.


  1. My husband just said tonight, "In a few years, these kids will be grown," but your post gives me so much hope that they won't actually be gone!

    1. Here's some more hope, Michelle - our son got married last October and my husband were enjoying the empty nest. Next thing we know our married son and wife have temporarily moved in with us! I had always heard they come back - just didn't think that soon ;)

  2. Yes, and , Michelle, our 24 year old daughter went off to college but returned to go to the local college. For several years she lived with friends in an apt about half hour from here but then got so stretched for cash, that she moved into the studio cottage that we have on our property. But, really? that meant she moved back with us - for about 18 months. Overall, it was sweet to have her here again -
    She is now living again about 30 minutes away and her visits are frequent and, yes, about using the washing machine and raiding the fridge! oh, and playing with my ipad - which she loves.

  3. I look forward to all this- especially the 'more food in the fridge'! :)

  4. I'm both looking forward to and dreading these years...

  5. When my oldest is gone, I'm sure it'll take me months to stop buying milk by the cow.