Monday, June 05, 2006

Masked Mom's Media Monday:Dixie Chicks

Say what you will about their politics or say nothing about their politics, which is what I'm going to say here--the new Dixie Chicks album, Taking The Long Way is amazing music. These are, and always have been, very talented women.

I heard "Lullaby" on the season finale of "Medium" and couldn't wait to hear the rest of the album. The album is not as consistent as some of their previous work--not every song really grabbed me, but there was enough on there worth listening to that I didn't feel I'd wasted my hard-earned (have I mentioned how cranky my Cranky Boss Lady can be?) dollars. Skip the songs that offend you or don't buy it at all--it's a free country, right? But it's your loss, I promise.

Masked Mom's One-Word Review: Solid.


  1. I love the new CD. I watched them on Larry King Live the other night and, while I am not saying I do or don't agree with what they said, I have a ton of respect for them. Natalie was saying how it was important for he children to see her stand by her beliefs. If only we could all set that example for our children, but anyway, I love the CD. Like you, not as much as the others, but it is still good and I'll still pay another (yes I saw them in concert last time in Dallas)$90 to see their show!

  2. I know I said I wouldn't talk about their "politics" but I can't help myself--ultimately what that whole controversy came down to was not whether Natalie was right or wrong but whether she had the right to say what she said. And I very much believe she did--now, by the same token, people had the right to boycott their records, etc. The rest of it, though--the name calling and the just plain nasty-ass stuff that was said, done, sent to them, etc--that was totally uncivilized and just wrong.

    In any case,I'm very glad to see that she/they are willing to stand by their beliefs despite everything. And I'm also glad to see they can still make excellent music. I would love to see them in concert--I'm sure it was worth every penny. :)

  3. Youngest Sister6/6/06, 8:25 AM

    I've been really wondering what the new album would be like. We have their live album, and it's almost like a greatest hits. It's a great album!

  4. Nope, I love it! Ms. Jae and I listened to it last week. And good for Natalie for speaking her beliefs and not being afraid of other's judgements. Right or wrong, she stayed true to herself.

  5. I'm from Texas, went to college in the city that Natalie Maines' family lives (and where she grew up I think) and was a really big Chicks fan before the debacle. I still am. I love her voice, their talents, and I don't really care about the rest. I think she might have been foolish, careerwise, being as bold as she was. But, she's entitled to her beliefs, and that doesn't change their great music.

    We are the same person, musically speaking. I am convinced. I haven't gotten to buy their album yet, but now I know I will!