Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pupdate III: An Illustrated Guide

Daughter-Only & Her New Litter-Mates:

Nomi, Olympic Volleyball Player In Training:

Rufus, King of the World:

Rufus Kissing Up To Squidward & Every Girl in the Neighborhood:

Squidward Recovering From An Afternoon Photo Shoot:


  1. What adorable pooches! And, uh, by the size of their paws they may not be small ones in the end, eh? I'm more of a large dog person, myself. If only my lab didn't shed so badly, it would be the perfect dog!

  2. Mommy is a German shepherd/beagle mix and Dad (they think) is black lab/German shepherd mix so we're planning on some good-sized doggies. :)

  3. I have to say that Rufus looks just adorable! I can smell that puppy breath!! I just love that smell. They are just adorable!!!!!

  4. awe! how stinkin' cute!! I LOVE them!!