Thursday, June 01, 2006

Perfect Post for May

It's Perfect Post time (yes, again, already--am I the only one obessessed with how fast time passes?!).

As a blogger/writer/mom/daughter/sister/friend/wife, I've always been kind of fascinated by the secrets we keep about ourselves--and increasingly, I've been interested in my own inability to do so as I get older. I used to be a much more reserved and circumspect person than I am now--people used to have to work to find out things about me. I'm not sure when it changed--all at once or gradually--but it's definitely changed and I've suddenly found myself some sort of a Poster Child for Too Much Information Syndrome. It seems no topic is off limits or too outrageous for me to casually chat about with those closest to me (and anyone else within ear shot), not to mention the nameless, faceless audience of the Internet.

Anyway, while wondering the wilds of blogland this month, I came across the post I Think I Have Cancer by Jack's Raging Mommy. She talks about not having a filter--not being able to stop herself from sharing "too much" and about caring too much what others think of her. In my own case, it's not that I care less than I used to about what people think of me--it's more that I've realized that what other people think of me is just as much about them as it is about me. For what it's worth, the post definitely struck a chord with me and got me thinking about that gap between the person we each think we are and the person others might believe us to be.

So here's my button--

A Perfect Post

And, Jack's Raging Mommy, it's all yours!


  1. I was such an over sharer and at times when I have had too much wine I will ramble on and on about things that people really do not need to know! I will get going and in my head I am saying STOP but I keep driving straight through....maybe no more wine for me.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm really touched by that. See, when you care what people think, finding out they like you (they really like you!) is a trip.

  3. Great post choice- and very thoughtful commentary. Thanks for playing! :)