Friday, June 30, 2006

She Said What I Meant To Say: Perfect Post for June

You may or may not remember my perfectly forgettable post of several months ago in which I wondered (not aloud exactly, but in print) about how to be the kind of mom each of my kids needs. Stuntmother, over at I Do All My Own Stunts, hit that nail right on its shiny little head with her post "Follow The Child."

One of the great things about reading in general and about reading blogs in particular is that sometimes, you recognize something of yourself in another person. Sometimes, like earlier this month, you read something that sounds just like something you would say only the other person says it much more smoothly and coherently than you did when you tried to talk about it. But you don't get insanely jealous and depressed that your writing ability is not all it could be, no, instead, you give out a perfect post award.

So here's my button:

A Perfect Post

And, Stuntmother, it's all yours!


  1. Thank you. Thank you so much. I feel like I have found my alter ego. Or perhaps a partner in crime-fighting! Watch Stuntmother and The Masked Mom Encourage a Toddler to Eat Broccoli! Gasp as They Repair a Library Book with Sticky Tape! Hide Your Eyes As They Deal With Diarreah! Shudder as They Try to Spell Diarreah!

    I've put a footer to my site now, inspired by something I emailed to you. To hear and be heard -- to me, the central point of all this blogging.

  2. Great catch, Masked Mom! That is a wonderful post.

  3. I definitely (obviously) agree that it was a wonderful post. And, jeez, even her comment above is hilarious and relevant and well-written. I'm not jealous, though, no, not at all. ;)

  4. thanks for sharing such a great blog with the rest of us--I've been having a hard time lately, trying to find time for my blog, and it's nice to be pointed in the right direction!

    great post!

  5. Fantastic post. Wow. Speechless for once!