Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Pupdate-- 'Cuz What Else Do You Call An Update Involving Puppies?

When last we left our Masked Heroine, she was caught in a battle to the death with not one, but two opponents, in an attempt to keep her headquarters a doggy-free zone or at least to make a rational, well-thought out decision regarding the presence of doggies in her headquarters...

I'm proud to say I didn't cave. Here's what happened instead:

Saturday Evening: We had the conversation about the puppy/puppies after which I felt the issue was by no means resolved. In fact, I'm pretty sure my last words were, "Let's just watch this movie and we can talk about it later." During that conversation, Hubby had mentioned that he hadn't even seen all the puppies yet and he didn't want to do it after work on a weeknight so I said our neighbors probably wouldn't mind if he went over on Sunday afternoon--they are very anxious to find good homes for these puppies ("good" defined mostly but not exclusively as "homes somewhere else").

Sunday Morning: I wrote the blog post regarding this BIG decision we were trying to make--and how agonizing and, okay, a little funny, it was. Then I went out to lunch with a good friend who I hardly ever get to see and I was gone until...

Sunday Afternoon: I walk in the door, face flushed from sitting in a warm car gossiping way too much, and Hubby says, "Your dogs are in the living room."

My dogs are in the living room?! Yes, because while I was enjoying lunch (and backstabbing bitchy chat about everyone in our sorry little town), Hubby went over to the neighbors where he was told that the puppies were completely weaned, doing well on dry food and he could bring them home if he wanted. The funny thing is that after all the drama with Daughter-Only, she was completely innocent in this sneak attack. She had gone to Six Flags for the day with her uncle (a.k.a. Baby Brother) and was just as surprised to find the puppies here as I was. She was, however, considerably more delighted.

Hubby's defense/explanation was that I hadn't said "no," which to him meant I was going to "come around" sooner or later anyway and this just cut through all the crap.

I'm just grateful that with nine to choose from he only came home with two.


  1. But ... but where are the pictures?!?! I seriously wish you lots of luck with the puppies. May they bring you happiness and fun and not just wet carpets.

  2. I saw the cutest puppy the other day that I wanted to puppynap and bring home but I there is no way I can bring another animal in this house for awhile. With 2 dogs, 4 cats and 2 kids, there just isn't room.

    So I will have to live vicariously through you which means I need pictures!!! and stories!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Yep, post those pup pics soon!

    Oh, and tell your hubs you're going to buy an extra BIG doghouse so he can curl up with the new howling bundles of joy. Get them through those long puppy nights...he owes you big time!

  4. He brought them home, he should get the pleasure of house breaking, and the clean up prior to successin that endeavor.

  5. I so thought you were going to say you made him take them back!!! PLEASE POST PICS!!!!

    Goody goody and names please!!!

    BTW, it just warms my heart that your other Dog was named Sydney....

  6. Hey everybody! Pictures soon--if they don't chew the cord off the camera before I get a chance to snap a few shots. They ARE adorable--no names yet.

    Housebreaking and clean-up all on Hubby and Daughter-Only--and we're in the honeymoon stages at the moment so no one's even complaining YET. I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts 'cuz we know it won't last long!

    And TL--I wanted to say something before about the name thing, but wasn't sure until recently if you would think of it as a good thing! :)

  7. Yes I do, I know some people might find it strange but if you liked the name enough to name your Dog Sydney then it means you liked it!! A lady that I assist in her cooking classes has a dog named Sydney too, and also one named Millie as well, it is very strange. She swears that we are sisters separated a birth with the way we both think on the same plain at times!!!