Thursday, June 29, 2006


For the get your giggles any way you can file:

Had a customer come in yesterday--he's fairly regular, works in an office two doors down, used to be on the county government and was a deputy for a while in the sheriff's department. He's a big guy--6'2" or something and 240, at least. He comes in to order a centerpiece, which he tells me he's going to pick up later that afternoon. Fine, good, I get all the specifics and tell him I'll call him when it's ready.

He says, "Don't you wanna know who it's for?"

Confused, I say, "Oh, do you need us to deliver it?" Because he had already said he was going to pick it up.

He said, "No, but don't you wanna know why I need it?"

Frankly, no, I don't really care. I mean, I don't need to know the information to make the arrangement, right? But, with my polite customer service voice, I say, "Sure, who's it for?"

"It's for Bill Pullman! I'm having dinner with Bill Pullman!" The Bill Pullman, of While You Were Sleeping and Independence Day fame, among others.*

The whole thing would've seemed like a crass episode of name-dropping were it not for the fact that this pillar of the local community--this full-grown, man-sized pillar of the local community--was positively giddy at the prospect of having dinner with Bill Pullman. For the minute and a half that he was giving me the details, he was transformed into a six-year-old boy unwrapping exactly the birthday gift he'd hoped for.

I hope the dinner went well and, Mr. Pullman, if you liked that flower arrangement, call us anytime!

*My personal favorite of his is actually Lake Placid for all its campy goodness--Betty White, who only has a few scenes, is so funny the movie wouldn't need much else.


  1. your long lost sister ;-)6/29/06, 8:52 AM

    ...but wait no, it couldn't be...he never associates with real people :-)
    Was Will Smith invited too...jsut remembering the grocery store incident with daughters yours and mine...isn't that the guy you wanted me to date;-)
    PS loved the pupdate photos of doggies and son one

  2. Hee hee hee! I'm so sure Will Smith is still in aisle 5 and couldn't attend the dinner.

  3. ahh, lake placid! "do you think this is a party?"

    NO, but now that you're here!!

    and poor dumb little betty...she cracked me up! i'm sure your flower arrangement was a HIT.

  4. Dude! Bill Pullman? Well, no WONDER he was so excited.


  5. Apparently the dinner went very well and our customer was so nice that he brought in a picture of Bill Pullman--with my flowers!!!! :) And...they're (the Pullmans) having a family reunion this weekend and are taking the arrangement to put on the picnic table...

    Wow, I'm an even bigger geek than I thought I was.