Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pupdate II: A Few Observations

~~Having the puppies has given me new purpose in life, a new reason to get out of bed in the morning: my ongoing attempt to break the world record for stepping (barefoot, of course) into piddle puddles while still half-asleep. I'm still waiting for the Guinness people to get back to me about what exactly the old record is.

~~Regarding piddle puddles--the secret for piddle on carpet is salt. I'd heard that from one of the women in my book group years ago--years too late for blotting up Sydney's accidents. You cover the puddle--wait ten minutes and the salt sucks out the liquid and its smell, then you just vacuum up the yellow salt. It's AMAZING!!!

~~The name battle continues to rage on--everyone in my family is a gigantic dork about this whole thing and can't settle for something simple and obvious. Son-One wanted to name them Liquid and Solid after characters in his favorite video game (one of whom--Liquid--is currently featured on our computer desktop wallpaper--staring at me accusingly--and I SWEAR his eyes follow me around the room). I vetoed that with, "No that reminds me too much of the kinds of accidents we're going to be dealing with for the next few months." At the moment we are still calling him "Rufus" which is the name the previous owners had been using and her "Nomi" which is a bastardization of "no-name" which is what the previous owners were calling her.

~~I've been reading up on puppy training (big surprise--book geek like me, reading, huh?). And I have to say that anything that makes "sphincter control" a common phrase in your household has got to be a good thing, right?

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  1. Thanks for the salt tip! Never ever heard that one, wonder if it works on kids piddle puddles too. You know during the potty training bit?