Monday, November 30, 2009

Drum Roll Please

And here it is--the final disappointing post to top off a month of mostly disappointing posts. It's kind of a tradition.


  1. second niece12/2/09, 4:51 AM

    so there's nothing exciting about this post... not a single thing.. it's not clever or witty or unusual.. well as unusual as you get.... and yet on the inside i'm laughing histerically... and only on the inside... wanna know why? because its quarter to five in the morning and i haven't gone to bed yet... wanna know why because i've spent the last seven hours writing a paper for a class i have to get up a six thirty to go to. Why did I wait till now to do it. Because my dumb college english teacher waited two weeks to respond to both my emails telling her that i couldn't access the database i was supposed to use as one of my sources for my paper. She emailed me back things i already new... and still i could not access the database... So i went with other sources I found on my own.. and i swear if this women fails me.... and she fails everyone on their papers just cuz she can... and i seriously mean that, like not even exaggerating, she'll fail you for doing what she tells you, she says "um" all the time AND she looks like a prehistoric turtle... I swear i will go through that distance learning computer screen and drum ROLL her.... i don't really know why i feel the need to tell you this... but i did... so now its out there... love you!

  2. Listen--I've always known we were related but if I'd ever had a single doubt this would've obliterated it. THIS comment is better than any damn DNA test any day. Love you too and hope like hell the turtle goes easy on ya.

  3. Youngest Sister12/9/09, 11:55 AM

    You guys are hysterical.

    Have to say that the word verification is santsa! Dyslexic much?

  4. How appropriate--I've been FEELING very dyslexic lately...:)

  5. second niece12/20/09, 7:11 PM

    just thought i'd let you know.. that prehistoric turtle gave me a ninety!!

  6. Good for you chickie boo--and her too since your revenge fantasies were a little too fleshed-out to stay fantastical for long. :)