Friday, November 20, 2009

Speaking of Bestsellers That Will Likely Make Me Want To Do Bodily Harm To Myself...

Part of me wishes she would just go away but a whole other (meaner) part is hopeful that all this new exposure will expose her* for what she's been all along--a person wholly unqualified to hold any major governmental office--and then she'll go away.

*To the few who haven't already noticed.


  1. s-u-n-a-d

    And it seems 38% of the people you interact with everyday think she IS qualified. *shudder*

    'Just like you and me' is not a defining quality I look for in my President. Elite is a beautiful word in this scenario. Yes, whenever I hire someone, I was the very best.

    But I AM enjoying the 'Katie Couric Has Fat Calves & So Do You' book tour. Classy.

  2. In the I'm a big fat masochist file: I have the book on hold at the library. Maybe I should just set a crisis counseling appointment up for myself right now.

    Found this interesting: