Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some Secrets About PostSecret (Some More Secret Than Others)

1. I have been a fan for a long time (at least three years, based on this post). I check the website for updates most weeks and own all of the books.

2. I have sent in two separate secrets over the years, neither of which I've seen again (so far).

3. About a year ago, I made the gigantic mistake of telling Daughter-Only that I had sent these secrets. While I did not tell her what these secrets were, I did agree that if either of the secrets were ever to appear on either the site or in one of the books and she asked me about that specific secret, I would tell her the truth.

4. So far--as I mentioned above--neither of these secrets has resurfaced but that hasn't stopped Daughter-Only from honing in on the most disturbing secrets to appear each week--and, of course, in the recently released book--and asking me if they're my secret(s).

5. At first, I was terrified that she would find and guess my secret but at this point, her finding out a "secret" truth about me would be better than her temporarily thinking these insane things about her mother.


  1. I luff PS. Le Sigh.
    I've never sent one in, but in honor of our mutual love, I will hence forth, post all my secrets here.
    I'm really liking this idea. Like my own personal herbadmother's basement.

  2. I'm truly looking forward to seeing all your secrets...don't forget to save a few for your own blog (you know you committed to posting EVERY day, right?).

    And I don't know how the basement's escaped my attention so far but wow...

  3. That is hilarious about your daughter. I love, love, love PS too! I find it so fascinating! I always watch his site to see if he'll be coming to speak in Houston because I'd love to go to that. So far, no luck! I haven't had a chance to check out the latest few books though..

  4. Steph--I thought of you when I was posting this--wondered if you were still a fan. Funny thing about the newest book--there is a secret in there that very easily could have been written by me (a detail or two was off but otherwise...) and Daughter-Only never even asked about THAT one.