Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sock It To Me

Some time after the Great Sock-Context Debate of 2007, I made the life-altering decision to start wearing men's white crew socks just like Hubby wears and I've been buying them in bulk for both of us ever since.

Now all the white crew socks in the house* belong to both of us, so I can no longer fairly be accused of sock thievery or using one of his socks "out of context."

Hubby has had some trouble adjusting to the concept of "our" socks, though and will still occasionally say, "Someone is stealing my socks again." And I will take great delight in saying, "I can't steal them because they're my socks, too!"

Today, there was a random (dirty) sock in the middle of the entryway floor and Daughter-Only said to her father, "Well, it's yours or Mom's because no one else in the house wears that kind."

Hubby said, "I know it's my sock because it doesn't have any holes it. I also know I didn't leave it there."

At this point, I peeked over the stair railing. "I've got news for you--I've been buying big bags of white crew socks for both of us for a couple of years now so you can stop trying to claim all the socks without holes as your own."

Smirking, Hubby said, "No, all the ones with holes are definitely yours."

"Honey, they all have holes--otherwise, you couldn't get your foot in them. So, they're all mine and I win!"

With that, I triumphantly swooped down, snatched up my dirty sock and flounced off to add it to the pile of my dirty socks.

*Except the six Nike pairs he saves for tennis, which I swear to Federer and Agassi I've never befouled with my foreign feet.


  1. How does one wear a sock "out of context"?
    Fantastic idea with the sock sharing, though. I wonder if I could convince the Chief Lou to wear hot pink argyle?

  2. Hubby accused me of doing just that when he found a sock with no mate in the clean laundry basket. What he meant was that I had used one of his socks without its mate. The link goes to the long-winded (highly parenthetical, totally tangential) rant that that comment inspired. My position in the debate can basically be summed up as: if a sock can be said to have a context at all, putting it on a foot most certainly is that context, so if I had in fact worn his sock (I had not), I definitely used it within its normal context.

    We probably need to get out more...

    If you get Chief Lou wearing hot pink argyle, pictures better be forthcoming. :)

  3. Brilliant! You win!

    If my foot were not so tiny, I would definitely wear hubby's socks. His are much better than my cheapie ones. :-)

  4. Never befouled with your foreign feet ??!! I love that!!!

  5. So funny! We've got it split sock wise between the boys and the girls. Now that our kids are older, and we all wear the same size socks, my daughter and I share and my husband and son share. I never would have done that with my own mother, but apparently, my taste is socks is way cooler than my mom's was....

  6. Just how many socks does it take to guide three sons through until they flee the nest? Hang on-I'll get my calculator, and a new set of batteries-we're going to need them.

  7. I'm not sure we even have ONE pair of plain white socks in the house. Stripes, polkadots, orange, blue, pink - but no white. It sure would make laundry easier if we all matched! What a concept.

  8. I agree with the last commenter- how much easier would life be? And that giant pile of matchless socks in my laundry room, which I'm not ready to give up on, wouldn't even exist. Oh, sock context....we've never had this particular debate, but this reminds me of Ian and my interactions. The 'hole' reasoning was brilliant, by the way:)

  9. What a laugh! We too have our sock drama. I get his "old socks." But I will steal his good ones occasionally. If he complains, I tell him he is perfectly welcome to wear anything in my underwear/sock drawer. The visual that creates usually shuts him up.

  10. This is a great idea. I many have to steal it!

  11. Yay! Someone who shares my sock philosophy (oh yes, I most certainly have one)!

    I have to admit, I guffawed at the "sock out of context" phrase and then clicked through to the rest of the story...mostly because sock out of context brought to mind sock puppets and my imagination started to run away with me.

    There really is no point to my comment other than to say socks a lot...it's a great word.