Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still Recharging

(Couldn't find a credit for this image. Found the (uncredited) image posted on numerous tech blogs by bloggers who claim it's a photo of something called an "Icon charger" for iPhone and it's been "coming soon" since at least as far back as summer of 2010. Maybe it should be called the iCon?)


  1. You know, recharging is crucial for functioning so you go, girl! I had a recharging kind of day yesterday - almost no chores completed (HAD to do the laundry or else) and several hours of painting, reading, writing and one lovely nap. Makes all the difference.

  2. Hope you are feeling recharged today:) I did everything but recharge yesterday and am paying for it today but had lovely, unexpected visits with friends and family and got to see my brother in American Idiot again, as someone had an extra ticket. Totally worth the 3 hrs of sleep and splitting headache today.