Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting My Hopes Up And Right Back Down

So I'm flipping through Reader's Digest and I see this:

"Get rich quick," it says. Right away, there's visions of touring the world on the competetive Boggle circuit dancing in my head. I mean, get rich, playing Boggle--a game my sisters, mother and I played until we had writer's cramp? A game Hubby refuses to even play with me anymore? I am soooo in.

But, no, they just mean you can spell "rich" in the cubes. (You can also spell: fast, cast, rib, bat, chat, clue, saw, was, lab and a whole bunch of other words, but none of them are gonna get me the big bucks either, huh?)

Guess it's back to playing the lottery for me.

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