Friday, November 10, 2006

Maybe It's Just Me

Blurt Alert! Attention James Blunt fans, if you don't want your feelings hurt, please skip this entire post.* Thanks.

Am I the only one who completely doesn't get James Blunt's appeal? Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Carol Channing with tonsilitis or like Meatloaf as a preoperative transsexual with his/her foot wedged under something heavy? Am I the only one who finds the lyrics to "You're Beautiful"--a song of devotion to a woman he's seen once and is NEVER GOING TO SEE AGAIN--pathetic and pointless?

If I am the only one, if I am alone in my firm belief that this guy is some sort of joke being perpetrated by the music industry upon an unsuspecting public, then so be it. Taste wouldn't be special if everyone had it.

*It seems sort of a shame to "waste" the inaugural blurt alert on something so minor, but something tells me that James Blunt's fans may get their feelings hurt pretty easily. After all, they like a guy who can whine like a girl over a hot chick he saw on the subway.


  1. HA!
    My mom and I were in story today and that "Goodbye my Lover" song was on and I said, "Oh, it's James Blunt being depressed again," and Mom said, "Someone should just put him out of his misery!" heh.

  2. Hey I like to pretend that I'm the hot chick on the subway.

    Lay off!

    ; )