Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Perfect Post for October: A Higher Level of Breast Cancer Awareness

I've had mixed feelings about Breast Cancer Awareness Month for years now--partly because it doesn't seem like enough, but still somehow seems like too much (Where is colon cancer awareness month? Ovarian? Lung? Are these not pretty-pink enough?) and partly because it, like so much else in our fair land, seems to have been hijacked by corporations for their own greedy interests. But, mostly, I'm uncomfortable with it because I don't like that corporations and individuals can pat themselves on the back for being "aware" once a year, while there are so many people living right in the middle of the cancer day in and day out the whole rest of the time.

Minerva is one of those people. I "met" her last October, when she visited my blog (my last year's post about Breast Cancer Awareness is what brought her here) and have been following her battle with cancer ever since. She has been so open and generous as she has made her way through treatment and finally, there's this.

So, for being more aware of breast cancer than you ever meant to be, and for having the generosity and strength to share your journey with the rest of us, here's my button:

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And, Minerva, it's all yours!

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  1. wow that's awesome!!

    and I feel the same way about breast cancer awareness month, only i'm not ever sure it's okay to feel that way about it?? Heart disease it the #1 killer, but it's rarely spoken of. these days it's HPV--and their whole "tell someone" campaign. I don't know. I too have mixed feelings.

    but hugs to Minerva!!

  2. I have huge problems with my internet connection and have only just stumbled onto this...

    Thank you so much; not just for the recognition, although that is awesome, but also, because you were there to help me on my journey....

    Thank you,