Thursday, November 09, 2006

Possible Side Effects...

NaBloPoMo participants may suffer from dizziness, nausea, heartburn, and panic attacks (particularly in the form of sitting bolt upright in bed at 4:16 a.m. thinking, "I forgot to post! I can't believe I forgot to post!" Only to crawl out of bed, stumble to the computer and realize that a post has indeed been made. Crisis averted--this time!). Participants may also experience sweaty palms and increased anxiety and be prone to obsessive thoughts such as "Did I post? When can I post? What the hell am I gonna post about?" Paranoia about posting is rare but has occurred in a small number of participants.

NaBloPoMo should not be combined with hormonal fluctuations of any sort and should, therefore, be avoided by pregnant or nursing women or those who may become pregnant, and those with PMS.

PMS combined with NaBloPoMo pressure is especially dangerous and may lead to bouts of uncontrollable rage. Should this occur, you should post about it because you have to post every single friggin' day.


  1. cackle, cackle...snort!

    I'm sorry, I found this utterly hilarious since I am up trying to think of what my next NaBloPoMo post will be. I think we may need a 12-step to recover from this thing...

  2. Youngest Sister11/14/06, 10:48 AM

    Did you see that they have a National Write a Novel in a Month thing??? It was in the Washington Post this weekend.

  3. Yeah, the NaNoWriMo--it was way too over my head. I'm whimpering like a baby at having to post every day and half my posts are under 200 words. I can't imagine cranking out 1667 or whatever the number is for the other thing. :)