Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If I Could Be Two Places At One Time...

I left work for a few minutes this afternoon to pick up the boys at volleyball practice (it's a weird affliction--they're capable of practicing volleyball for hours on end but completely incapable of walking a couple of blocks home) and when I returned, I went to park in the same space I had been parked in before I went to get them. That was foolishly optimistic since I park in the muncipal parking lot and the good spots always fill up fast, but I wasn't really paying attention and started to turn into the spot I'd been in only to find a car the exact same model, make and color as mine already parked there.

My brain processed that as, "Wow, I'm already there." and immediately leapt to the (incorrect) conclusion that I must be driving the shop van and I started to back into the place directly behind the shop (just off the muncipal parking lot) where we park the van only to find the van already there. My helpful brain's take on this? "Wow, I'm there too."

Okay, I'm there twice, but still I'm somehow out in the middle of the parking lot without a parking space and just for a split second I lose complete track of what I'm driving and, practically, who I am.

It passed quickly, but while it lasted, damn it was weird.


  1. This actually made me laugh out loud. This is what happens to your brain on motherhood.

    And it gives a whole new meaning to finding yourself.

  2. You posted this already, two posts down... kidding, kidding-- OR am I? Whoa.

    (Did I already post this comment? Double whoa.)

  3. It makes me think of the new movie trailer that is running for Deja Vu where they play the intro twice. It can really mess with your mind.

    If I really wanted to mess with you I would post this twice...